Sunday Morning Bible Study

We at East End Baptist Church believe active involvement in Sunday School is a vital part of Spiritual growth, and it is also important for the fellowship.  There is nursery available and age assigned classes for the children and youth, as well as, several adult classes to choose from.  Start your Sunday morning worship experience with us by joining our small group Bible Study/Sunday School hour at 9:00 a.m.  We would love to see you on Sunday!  Our current adult classes with a brief discription are listed below.
End Times Bible Study Class

Teacher:  James Davis     Room 201
This class engages in a very in-depth study of Revelation.  It has a broad mix of ages.

College & Career

Teacher:  Walter Wills       Room 109
This class is mostly made up of newly graduated young adults and college age individuals.


Teachers:  Brad Daniel                                   Room 108
                        Andy Shenep
“Our class is a broad mix of 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, but most all of us are sleep deprived from wrangling young children, (and a couple from wrangling young grandchildren!).  We are most often referred to as “the young couples class,” well, maybe not all so young, but we ARE working on filling up the nursery!  We try to have a class social monthly, which usually includes all the children.  We definitely like to get together and have fun, but take our call to leave a mark for Christ seriously.”

Parents of Teens

Teacher:  Mike Petty
This class is made up mostly of parents who have……teenagers!

S.A.L.T. – Situations Affecting Life’s Transitions

Teachers:  Gary Greer                                Room 207
“We are in life’s transitions and seeking to glorify God in our services.  We love to be involved in all outside activities- work- socials- etc.”  Broad age mix of men and women 50+.



Sisters In Christ

Teacher:  Evelyn Cornelius    Room 202
This class is a broad mix of women mostly 50+.  “Most of us are grandmothers and some great-grandmothers.”


Teacher:  Nancy Love     Room 206
This class is a broad mix of women mostly ages 40+.


Teachers:  Homer Cornelius, Bill White    Room 203
“This class started out as a kids free class, then changed the name to SURVIVORS because we have survived our kids growing up.  We have class fellowships approximately every 2 months.  We enjoy our Bible study and fellowships, we have great organization in our class.  Everyone takes their responsibilities very seriously.  We are always looking for new members.”  This class has 2 members who do weekly visits.  It is mostly made up of couples and singles 55+.


Teacher:  Dennis Cornelius   Room 209
This class is made up of a broad age mix of men, ages 40+.


Teacher:  Doug Head     Room 208
This group is a broad mix of ages, mostly 30+, but even a couple of 20’s.
Many are parents with children still at home, some with empty nests.  Couples and singles welcome.