Sermon Recap for Dec 31 2017

Well, it’s January 1, 2018, but the sermon is from yesterday. It’s time to start up for next year, but first, of course, we have to wind down last year. Please consider your commitment to the cause of Christ in the new year. And I don’t mean that with any subtext, subterfuge, or ulterior motive—take it at face value: is your goal that 2018 reflect your work for the cause of Jesus?

Now, sermons:

Here’s the December 24 video as it posted live through Facebook. I’m not sure it turned out with great quality, but it’s tolerable. That’s a tech problem that I haven’t had time to solve:

Here is the December 31 AM Sermon (audio link is here)

Now, I don’t remember if I posted December 24th’s morning sermon, so here it is:

December 24 Audio is here

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