East End Baptist Church History

East End Baptist Church was organized out of a five week revival held by Rev. Jack Hogue. Bro. Hogue was a Southern Baptist minister with two part-time churches in Oklahoma. He and his wife Rosie, had traveled down to East End for a family vacation. While visiting with his wife’s sister Winnie Reed, he was approached by several men in the community asking if he would hold a revival at the East End School. He agreed to do so, stating it would have to be held Monday through Friday because one of his churches in Oklahoma was set to have revival the following week. However, God had bigger plans.
Benches lined the front of the East End School. Hundreds of people gathered from all over the state. Two services were held daily; One service during the day and one in the evening. Some of the evening services did not close before midnight. The old timers of the community said it was the first time they had ever seen the power of God work as it did at the time. The great revival brought in hundreds of commitments. At the end of the five weeks, nineteen had come by letter and over hundred for baptism.
The church was organized on August 21, 1936, in the auditorium of the East End School. The minutes of that meeting indicate that the charter was to be held open until all the saved were baptized, making a total of 120 charter members. These were baptized at what is now Mary Lake. At the time it was the Shriner’s Club. The charter was closed on Sunday evening August 23, 1936.
After the baptism service, the new congregation needed a place to meet to hold worship. The East End School agreed to let the congregation meet in the auditorium until a building was established. A plot of land was donated by Jewell Garrett on November 15, 1936, for the purpose of building a church.
Men of the community began volunteering their time, supplies, and service to complete the first building. In the fall of 1937 the auditorium was finished and the church moved from the school building. The first building was one large room with no electricity. Hand held fans were used by the congregation to keep cool.
Bro. Hogue resigned from his churches in Oklahoma and made East End his primary residence. He received very little if any salary while ministering at East End Baptist. The congregation paid him by means of: vegetables from their garden, beef from cattle, chickens, eggs, and hog meat.
Plans were put forth June 3, 1953 to build a new auditorium to have a seating capacity of about 400. This new building was completed and dedicated on January 5, 1956, and Sunday School rooms were made from the old auditorium. In April of 1972, a complete new church building was started, and was dedicated in November of 1974. This is the current building that is being utilized.
Recalled by: Omega Ashley (Charter Member)
LouAnn Head (Lifetime Member)
Reference: 1986 Church Directory
Written by: Dina Wills
“Written for the purpose of edifying and remembering Christ’s call to East End Baptist Church.”
June 21, 2008