Genesis 7 and 8 #eebc2018

Tuesday morning! Time to move back over to the Pentateuch. In church Sunday morning, we ran down the basic outline of Old Testament history. Your first four points on the outline are: Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses. We’re at the point of reading through Noah’s story. An important aside is about that word, “story,” which […]

Sermon Recap for January 14

Good evening! Here are the sermons from yesterday: First, this audio player will work through the entire sermon archive, starting with January 14 PM and then you can listen off the list. Sunday Morning (Audio download here, click and save) Sunday Evening (Audio download here, click and save)

Genesis 5 and 6 #eebc2018

Today’s reading (I’m certainly going to try and get ahead so these are up earlier in the morning!) comes from Genesis. We’ve already noted how the world has gone from good to bad to worse. Now we come to the first part of Genesis that tends to bog down. Keep in mind that we’re dealing […]

Genesis 3 and 4 #eebc2018

And now, things go badly. Genesis 1 and 2 left us with a world in good shape. In fact, God had said it was “very good.” Then people turn loose and start making poor decisions. It starts with Adam and Eve being convinced that God didn’t mean what He said about the fruit. There is […]